Armored Core 6: How to unlock more parts?

Mastering the world of mech building in Armored Core 6 requires a strategic approach
Preview of  Armored Core 6.— FromSoftware
Preview of  Armored Core 6.— FromSoftware

Mastering the world of mech building in Armored Core 6 requires a strategic approach to unlocking essential parts for your mechanical arsenal. 

How to unlock more parts in Armored Core 6?

Follow these steps to ensure you're well-equipped to face the game's toughest challenges:

1. Embark on missions

  • Progress through the Armored Core 6 campaign to unlock a variety of mech parts.
  • Complete missions to gradually access aftermarket weapons, body types, and internals.
  • Advanced parts become available as you advance through the game's stages.
  • Themed parts can be unlocked by completing missions for factions like Balam and Arquebus.

2. Engage in Loghunts

  • Look out for Combat Log icons on certain enemies during missions.
  • Engage marked enemies to collect valuable logs that contribute to your Hunter Ranks.
  • Rising through Hunter Ranks unlocks exclusive parts that can only be obtained through Loghunts.
  • Choose your battles wisely and engage specialised targets strategically.

3. Learn from tutorials

  • Complete tutorial missions to grasp the basics of combat and mech mechanics.
  • Gain access to parts that are effective for specific early-game builds and situations.
  • Tutorial missions are quick to complete and offer valuable components for your arsenal.

4. Incorporate unlocked parts

  • Purchase parts obtained through missions from the Parts Shop.
  • Parts earned from tutorial missions and Loghunts are immediately available for use.
  • Experiment with different configurations to tailor your mech to various combat scenarios.

5. Strategise and adopt

  • Adjust your load-outs and strategies based on the parts you have unlocked.
  • Utilise a mix of purchased and unlocked parts to create a versatile arsenal.
  • Explore synergies between different components for optimal performance.

6. Progress and experiment

  • As you advance in the game, new opportunities for part unlocking will arise.
  • Keep an eye out for special missions, events, and challenges that may reward unique parts.
  • Adapt your approach and load-outs as you encounter tougher challenges and adversaries.