Asus confirms ROG Ally X with upgraded hardware

Asus addresses gamers issues and comes with great hardware updates
An undated image of ROG Ally. — ROG Ally
An undated image of ROG Ally. — ROG Ally

Asus on Friday confirmed the ROG Ally X’s specs to a tech company gave hints to the users about what to expect from the upcoming release. ROG Ally X is likely to release a 80Wh battery with 7500 memory — it also has a small fan along with fins for better airflow. 

It also consists of a bigger RAM than the previous model with impressive graphics that would permit it to push out multiple frames at every moment.

Asus is also expected to replace the ROG XG Mobile part which is connected with an external GPU along with a USB4 Type-C port with Display Port 1.4 and Power Delivery 3.0, which will enable users to use a third-party external GPU enclosure along with ROG Ally X. Also, Asus recently had a follow up to ROG Ally handheld gaming computer because the ROG Ally X is not an entirely developed second generation and required few upgrades to make it better.

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Ally X will be 0.5cm extra thick and weighs approximately 70 gm more than the actual ROG ally, which indicates that Ally X writes less than Lenovo Legion Go. 

Additionally, reports suggested that Asus has recently switched around Ally’s X internals to resolve repair related issues, it is substantially regarded as a great move because it already remains in dutch with the repair policies, making its products repairable is a great step.

It appears that the Asus ROG Ally X will be a worthy successor to the company's Steam Deck rival. In the highly competitive mobile gaming console market, the extra RAM, an enhanced battery life, and other quality-of-life upgrades will surely make it a better option even though it's not a second-generation product with a new processor.