AT&T customers struck with SOS on iPhone

AT&T claims that network connectivity issue is resolved
An undated image of SOS on iPhone. — Freepik
An undated image of SOS on iPhone. — Freepik

Are you one of those people who has received an SOS message on your iPhone? Then, don't worry there is nothing to panic as android users are also facing the exact issue and struck with SOS on iPhone? 

AT&T has confirmed to Laptop Mag that service issues have affected the cellular network in Virginia as well as North Carolina throughout the morning on May 22. But, now according to the company these issues are resolved and not a larger part of the nation is facing this outage anymore.

Why is my iPhone in SOS mode?

A huge number of AT&T users which includes Cricket Wireless as well as FirstNet have reported this issue according to the record of status tracking website. 

AT&T has also recognised this issue and claimed it to be fixed earlier today. iPhone as well as android users have lost their cellular network connectivity during this issue so, your only options will be to text emergency help centres.

Is the AT&T network down?

This problem was reported by the users at 4am and it continued for approximately seven hours. Initially, only few customers were affected by this outage but eventually the number kept increasing by 7am which caused a sharp decline. However, customer’s who had reported from DownDetector were still higher than average, but as mentioned earlier that still AT&T claims about the resolution of this issue.