AT&T latest prices, plans and data limits

Unlike its basic and unlimited plans, AT&T is keeping intact data limits and prices for its legacy unlimited plans
A representational image of AT&T logo. — Unsplash
A representational image of AT&T logo. — Unsplash

AT&T, one of the biggest internet providers in the United States, has announced that it will increase the price of its unlimited data packages for both new and existing customers.

With a range of plans and services to suit different needs and budgets, the carrier says a $1, or roughly 99 cents per month, price hike is slated to come into effect in March 2024.

While the price increase seems discouraging and could shrink the current user base because some users might stop availing of AT&T services, the positive side of the move is that AT&T is raising the amount of monthly hotspot data for customers.

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AT&T prices and plans in 2024

  • The base plan with unlimited data is being rebranded as the “Unlimited Starter SL” plan, whose monthly hotspot data limit will be increased from 3GB to 5GB.
  • Similarly, the middle-tier, after being renamed "Unlimited Extra," will get its monthly hotspot data limit boosted from 15GB to 30GB.
  • And at last, the top-tier plan, after being rebranded as “Unlimited Premium PL," will allow customers a monthly hotspot data limit of 60GB, a 10-GB increment from 50GB.

While rebranding the unlimited plans, AT&T is also going to increase the cost of its low-tier “Value Plus” plan by 99 cents and refer to it as the “Value Plus VL” plan. It's worth noting that this plan brings no hotspot data; however, customers will be able to enjoy “10 lines, whereas it previously limited this plan to just a single line."

In a statement to CNET, the service provider noted that this is the first time prices have changed on these plans since their inception in 2020.

AT&T legacy unlimited plans latest prices

Unlike its basic and unlimited plans, AT&T is not raising the bar of costs or data limit for its legacy unlimited plans.

The probable reason behind keeping intact these top-of-the-line plans is that these plans observed price increases last summer.