Aurora borealis: Get ready for another dazzling display of nature

Viewing areas of aurora borealis in the US have been expanded due to the intensity of geomagnetic storms
An undated image of aurora borealis. — Unsplash
An undated image of aurora borealis. — Unsplash

Did you miss the spectacular Northern Lights display on Friday? Don't worry because Gadinsider brings you exciting news. 

The aurora borealis or northern lights are expected to continue their spectacular display over the weekend. 

The aurora borealis is a natural phenomenon that occurs when charged particles from the Sun interact with the Earth's magnetic field, resulting in a spectacular display of colourful lights in the night sky. 

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The solar system was a level 5 on Friday, giving skywatchers a breathtaking view of green, purple and red streaks across the sky. And best of all, the display is expected to continue with Sunday night possibly even better than Saturday. 

Space Weather Prediction Center operations chief Mike Bettwey said conditions are expected to be similar to Friday, with clear visibility on Sunday. "Depending on how everything develops," he added, "tomorrow night might be better than tonight" for Aurora views. 

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Additionally, viewing areas in the US have been expanded due to the intensity of geomagnetic storms, with sightings reported in Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi. 

How and when can I see the northern lights?

To maximise your chances of seeing the northern lights, head to a dark spot with minimal light pollution and cloud cover, and look north. 

The National Weather Service recommends viewing between 10 pm and 2 am, Saturday and Sunday nights are expected to be the best viewing times. So don't miss this opportunity to witness the aurora borealis in all its glory.