Barbie Flip Phone announced at MWC 2024 — buy yours soon

Barbie Flip Phone will be a feature phone, not a full smartphone
The image shows Barbie waving. — Mattel Creations
The image shows Barbie waving. — Mattel Creations

A surprising collaboration between HMD Global, known for Nokia phones, and iconic toymaker Mattel, has sparked anticipation at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024 with the unveiling of the Barbie Flip Phone. Yes, you read that right — Barbie. But don't expect just a pink version of an old Nokia; this partnership aims for much more.

Adam Ferguson, Head of Product Marketing at HMD Global, emphasised the uniqueness of the collaboration during a Zoom chat, stating, "Mattel, and Barbie in particular, is not the kind of brand you offer something off the shelf to."

While the announcement of the Barbie Flip Phone at MWC 2024 may seem belated following the popularity of the Barbie movie in mid-2023, Mattel's President and CEO, Richard Dickson, highlighted Barbie's enduring relevance beyond a single product. Ferguson echoed this sentiment, emphasising the broader implications of the Barbie brand's trajectory and significance.

What will Barbie phone be like?

So, what sets the Barbie Flip Phone apart? Ferguson revealed that it will be a feature phone, not a full smartphone, aligning with HMD Global's expertise and catering to the digital detox trend among young adults. He stressed the collaborative nature of the project, with both companies striving to address real-world challenges faced by their audience.

While specifics about the phone remain under wraps, Ferguson teased updates in software, design, and packaging, all tailored to reflect Barbie's timeless appeal. Although details about the final design remain undisclosed, HMD Global hinted at embodying Barbie's vintage chic with a touch of pink and sparkle.

As anticipation builds for the Barbie Flip Phone's summer release, Ferguson emphasised the strategic storytelling approach, opting for a pixelated teaser image to fuel curiosity and anticipation. 

With both brands pulling out all the stops for this endeavour, it's evident that the Barbie Flip Phone aims to make a cinematic-sized impact in the mobile world. Now, all we need is an Oppenheimer Flip Phone to complete the unexpected mobile-focused saga of 2023.