Battery information page removed on Android 14 QPR2, deliberately

Google says that it “won’t Fix and we only enable this page on Pixel 8a and beyond, so this is WAI (Working as Intended)'
A representational image. — Unsplash/file
A representational image. — Unsplash/file

As was encountered by select users of Google Pixel running on the QPR1 of the Android 14, the following update, the Android 14 QPR2, has also reportedly done away with the battery information page. 

While the previous occurrence of the removal of battery page was inflicted upon select Pixel users, what sets this latest instance apart is that the removal of battery page from Android 14 QPR2 is deliberate. 

The Android 14 QPR1 was released in December last year, following which the search engine giant announced the addition of battery page on Pixel phones. However, days after its debut, select Pixel users began reporting that they there was no battery information page on their devices. 

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This time again, with the Android 14 QPR2 observing its smooth rollout globally, the battery page has once again been deleted, and the move was also validated by the Google that it was an intentional disappearance.

The same was occurred during the Beta testing of the Android QPR2, tailed by massive reports about the issue on Android Issue Tracker since users considered it as a bug. Shortly after the reprimand, Google looked into the matter and reinstated the battery information page. 

Where to find Battery information on Android 14 

On Android QPR1, battery information on Android 14 QPR1 could be found in Settings > About phone > Battery information. This information mainly enlisted “Manufacture date” and “Cycle count.” Meanwhile, Google also states on the page that “due to quality inspections before shipping, the cycle count may not be zero on first use.”

The feature was well acclaimed by Pixel users as it enabled them to keep record of the battery status, while warning them when the battery "needs attention" coupled with tips to maximise battery timing. Battery-optimisation tips included as how to enable Adaptive Charging.

While the Android QPR2 is being developed to introduce aforementioned stuff, Google had introduced a Pixel Troubleshooting first featured on Pixel 8 lineup, with later being introduced on earlier generations to offer a Battery diagnostics tool.

Battery information page reinstated on Pixel phones with Android 14 QPR2

On March 4, Google updated the issue, stating that it “Won’t Fix (Intended Behavior)” and: “We only enable this page on Pixel 8a and beyond, so this is WAI(Working as Intended).” Note that the page is also not available on Android 14 QPR3 Beta 2 or Android 15 Developer Preview 1.