Battle City cheat codes for PC, NES, Game Boy

Battle City adopts a stationary gameplay style where players defend their base from incoming enemy tanks
An image of the Battle City cover. — Wikipedia/File
An image of the Battle City cover. — Wikipedia/File

Developed and published by Namco in 1985, Battle City is a multi-directional shooter video game that served as a sequel to Namco's Tank Battalion (1980) and a precursor to Tank Force (1991). 

Originally released for the Family Computer (Famicom), which later became the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in the US, the game gained popularity and received various ports to different platforms.

While the original Namco Battle City game was primarily released in Japan, the game's popularity led to numerous clones and adaptations. Modern gamers can find playable versions, including clones, on platforms like Google, Microsoft (PC and mobile), and

The NES version of Battle City is also available on, offering enthusiasts a chance to experience this classic without downloads.

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Due to the proliferation of clones, assessing the reception of the original Battle City can be challenging. However, Google user reviews indicate a positive sentiment, with 90% expressing satisfaction.

Clones available on the Apple Store and Google Play Store, such as "Battle City – Tank World" and "Battle City Tank," also receive high ratings, attesting to the enduring popularity of the game's concept.

Battle City main characters

In line with the era's game design, Battle City lacks a detailed plot or main character. Players control a tank and become the de facto protagonist, defending the base without elaborate narrative details. The absence of named characters or explicit antagonists adds to the game's straightforward and focused gameplay.

Battle City titles 

While Battle City itself didn't evolve into a series with direct sequels, its influence is evident in the numerous clones and adaptations created by different companies. The original trilogy includes:

  1. Tank Battalion (1980)
  2. Battle City (1985)
  3. Tank Force (1991)

Battle City cheats, cheat codes, & level selection

As was common in the 1980s and 1990s, Battle City includes cheat codes to aid players in overcoming challenges. These cheats, documented for the NES version, contributed to the era's gaming culture. However, given the game's age and potential variations across platforms, users should be aware that these cheats might not work universally across all versions.

Stage selection in Battle City

  1. Initiate the game.
  2. When the "Stage 1" screen appears, use A and B to choose the desired stage.
  3. This stage selection option is only available during the "Stage 1" screen.

Secret message in Battle City

  1. Access the game and navigate to the title screen.
  2. Opt for "Construction."
  3. Press Start to enter Construction mode.
  4. Press Start again to return to the title screen.
  5. Repeat this process six times.
  6. On the final return to the title screen, hold DOWN on the first controller.
  7. Press A on the second controller eight times.
  8. Hold RIGHT on the first controller.
  9. Press B on the second controller twelve times.
  10. Press Start on the first controller to reveal a secret message.

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Battle City cheats for Game Boy

Activate the following cheat codes on the title screen for them to take effect:

  1. 9 Lives: Left, Left, B, A, Up, Down, A, Right
  2. Don't Need to Release A or B While Shooting: Up, B, Left, A, Right, B, Down, A
  3. Level 3 Tank: B, A, B, B, A, B, A, A
  4. Options Menu: Down, Left, Up, A, Right, Right, B, Up
  5. Random Blocks from Shovel Power-Up: Up, Up, Down, Up, Left, Right, Right, Left
  6. Unlock All Levels: Down, Up, Up, Down, Left, Right, A, B
  7. View Credits: A, Down, A, Up, A, Right, B, Left

Level Selection

  1. Start a new game.
  2. On the "Level 1" screen, press UP.
  3. Choose the desired level.
  4. Press START to jump to the selected level.

Battle City cheats for NES VS. System arcade

There aren't many cheats for the arcade version, but it includes a stage-select option:

  1. Insert a credit.
  2. On the subsequent screen, hold A and B on the second controller.
  3. Press Select on the first controller.
  4. Players have 10 seconds to choose any stage they want to jump to.