Beeper to give up on iMessage for Android

Latest Beeper fix requires an older jailbroken iPhone (6/6s/SE1/7/8/X) and either a Mac or Linux computer
A representational image displays iMessage logo on a mobile screen. — Unsplash
A representational image displays iMessage logo on a mobile screen. — Unsplash

Following a series of turn-taking bouts of getting up and knocking down between Apple and Beeper, the latter has decided to let go of its commitment to bring iMessage to Android.

Beeper during the past few weeks put to work a series of patches that were subsequently dropped one after another by Apple.

Despite the company having introduced a complex solution recently, it maintained that it no longer aims to fix if this one also gets knocked down by Apple, according to TechCrunch.

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“Each time that Beeper Mini goes ‘down’ or is made to be unreliable due to interference by Apple, Beeper’s credibility takes a hit,” the company wrote in a blog post.

Although the company strongly believes that the “product” it has been working on should really exist, it has admitted that it “can’t win a cat-and-mouse game with the largest company on earth.”

“With our latest software release, we believe we’ve created something that Apple can tolerate existing. We do not have any current plans to respond if this solution is knocked offline,” the company wrote in its tweet on X (formerly Twitter).

Initially, when Beeper launched, it only required from users to download an app to bring iMessage to Android, and it kept on bringing workaround methods to escape Apple’s jaws crushing its attempts to provide iMessage to Android users.

The second last of the workaround method required users to have an old iPhone and get iMessage working through Beeper.

However, the latest fix has come two days after Beeper announced that a Mac computer was required for users to use iMessage on Beeper.

The latest Beeper workaround for iMessage

To use the app, users now require an older jailbroken iPhone (6/6s/SE1/7/8/X) and either a Mac or Linux computer.

Then users need to install Beeper on their computer to generate an iMessage registration code. Afterwards, users need to update the app, enter the code, and keep the iPhone plugged in and connected to Wi-Fi throughout the process.

Why Beeper has stopped working on iMessage for Android

Unfortunately, the increasing complexity of patch fixes seems to have discouraged the company.

“At this stage, Apple’s actions to block Beeper Mini look increasingly hard for them to defend,” Beeper wrote in its blog post. “The only potential reason they have left is that they might make less money selling iPhones if iMessage were available on Android.”

What Beeper is really up to?

Although Beeper is done trying to bring iMessage to Android, the company says it’s “shifting focus back to our long-term goal of building the best chat app on earth” in the new year.