Beeper’s upcoming fix requires access to a Mac

Some users express frustration over Beeper's fix for it's requiring an Apple device, while others welcome and speak in its favour
A representational image displays iMessage logo on a mobile screen. — Unsplash
A representational image displays iMessage logo on a mobile screen. — Unsplash

Beeper, the provider of iMessage to Android users, is employing a fix it claimed will allow users to regain access to the service after Apple blocked it.

However, the fix requires you to have a Beeper friend with a Mac, or have access to a Mac computer.

When users connect iMessage on Beeper, it needs to send identification information called “registration data” from a real Mac. The company itself was using its own fleet of Mac servers up till now, but it explained in a Reddit post that “this has proven to be an easy target for Apple because thousands of Beeper users were using the same registration data.”

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With the new update scheduled to be released tomorrow, Beeper will generate unique registration data for users.

What Beeper requires to access iMessage

“If you use Beeper Mini, you can use your Mac registration data with it as well, and Beeper Mini will start to work again. Beeper needs to periodically regenerate this data even after you’ve connected, roughly once per week or month, so the Mac needs to switch on regularly,” read the Reddit post.

Users’ Beeper friends using Mac can ask each other if they can use their registration data, the company said while claiming that it, during its testing phase, observed 10 to 20 iMessage users using the same registration data.

Nevertheless, the fix has limited the original appeal Beeper had previously when users could access iMessage without an Apple device.

Some users have already taken to Reddit, expressing frustration with one user commenting, “At this point, I am willing to wait for Apple to come out with RCS support.”

Conversely, others seem to be in favour of this as a user commented, “This is a great bandaid to stop the bleeding and let ppl use beeper as intended . . . as a way to integrate all your message apps in one place.”

In view of Apple’s consistent lashes to block Beeper, it’s uncertain how long the fix will remain operational.