Belkin's auto-tracking Stand Pro: Best iPhone dock

Belkin Stand Pro will be available for $179.99 after launch
The image shows Belkin Stand Pro. — Belkin
The image shows Belkin Stand Pro. — Belkin

At the CES 2024, Belkin is going to release a motorised iPhone dock called the Belkin Stand Pro that swivels and tilts to track your movements while on camera.

The gadget seems to be the only one for incorporating Apple's DockKit framework, enabling seamless connectivity with iPhones without the need for any third-party app installations.

The Stand Pro comes with a cylindrical base that can rotate a full 360 degrees. Additionally, its motorised arm, equipped with MagSafe, allows tilting up and down with a 90-degree range of motion.

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Belkin Stand Pro compatibility

Using an iPhone 12 or a more recent model on the stand, you can connect the stand to your device through NFC. Subsequently, using any camera-equipped app such as FaceTime, Instagram, TikTok, WhatsApp, or Microsoft Teams, the dock will autonomously adjust the iPhone to ensure that you (or your subject) remain in the frame during video calls or recordings.

Belkin Stand Pro battery, charging support

The Stand Pro enables wireless fast charging of up to 15W when connected to the provided USB-C cable and a 30W power supply.

Additionally, it offers the flexibility of battery power, providing approximately five hours of usage on a single charge. The built-in button on the Stand Pro allows you to toggle tracking on or off, and the LED indicator indicates the current status of the tracking feature.

Belkin Stand Pro price and availability 

Since the product hasn’t been launched yet, it’s unpredictable to say when it will come out. We would suggest you go through Belkin’s official website for its expected availability. Meanwhile, it will be available for $179.99 after launch.