A no-nonsense BenQ X300G review

Despite being labelled as portable, the X300G is more of a "move around the house" type of projector than one you'd take on the go
The image shows BenQ X300G. — BenQ Australia
The image shows BenQ X300G. — BenQ Australia

BenQ's range of projectors continues to expand, and their all-in-one models with built-in streaming and speakers are particularly intriguing. Notably, their latest "X" series projectors, including this new near-cubic X300G model, are versatile enough to be placed almost anywhere for instant entertainment.

Now, BenQ offers three similar-looking cubic projectors, and distinguishing them without a spec sheet can be a challenge. This X300G model, however, is noticeably more compact and lightweight compared to its siblings.

One of BenQ's key selling points is its varied projector lineup, which includes everything from home theatre projectors to a rugged outdoor model. The X300G falls under their gaming projector category. Another larger cube is aimed at immersive open-world gaming experiences, while this X300G seems more general-purpose.

We’re not exclusively a gaming outlet, but we've found BenQ’s gaming projectors, like the TK model, to be versatile and of great value — something we’ve come to expect from BenQ’s consumer projectors.

It does make me wonder if BenQ's various projector categories are more about marketing strategy than actual differentiation. For instance, they promote the X300G as the “world's first portable gaming projector featuring a 4K short throw design,” which seems like a highly specific claim.

But marketing aside, don’t overlook the X300G if you're not specifically after a gaming projector. It’s got much more to offer.

BENQ X300G specifications

  • Resolution: 3840 x 2160 (2K DMD + XPR)
  • Light source: 3LED
  • Throw ratio: 0.69-0.83
  • Zoom: 1.2x motorised
  • Inputs include HDMI 2.0b with eARC, USB-A, USB-C with DP 1.4
  • Dimensions: 212 x 181 x 195mm
  • Weight: 3kg

Despite being labelled as portable, the X300G is more of a "move around the house" type of projector than one you'd take on the go. But it’s packed with features. For instance, it boasts a motorised zoom and versatile input options, including USB-C with DisplayPort capabilities.

Hidden within is BenQ’s QS02 Android TV dongle, cleverly integrated into the projector's design, adding smart functionality with minimal fuss.

The projector’s underside hosts a hinged stand for easy angling, and you also have the option to ceiling-mount it. This flexibility in placement is matched by its Smart Auto Settings, which can correct image shape, although it's best to position the projector as straight as possible to avoid compromising image quality.

Gaming is obviously a focus here, with the projector supporting low latency settings for an optimal gaming experience. It’s suitable for various genres, but its sharpness may be compromised if using its keystone correction feature.

Despite its gaming prowess, don’t let that pigeonhole the X300G. Its capabilities extend to general entertainment, making it a well-rounded option. Whether you're watching movies or playing games, the X300G offers nearly full 4K resolution and a decent colour range. It’s well-suited to ambient-light environments, and its sound system, while not earth-shattering, delivers clear dialogue.

Some may find its so-called "portability" a bit misleading, and the orange lights on the back are more decorative than functional, but these are minor quibbles. In essence, the X300G stands as a solid, versatile projector from BenQ's ever-expanding lineup.