Best 4K TV: a combo of QLED and OLED displays

With no Dolby Vision, the Samsung S90C 4K goes well with Samsung's HDR10+ format
An undated image displays the 55-inch model of the Samsung S90C 4K TV. — Samsung
An undated image displays the 55-inch model of the Samsung S90C 4K TV. — Samsung

Most of the TVs being manufactured these days are normally featuring 4K resolution, which makes owning a 4K TV easier than before.

Still, what’s harder to decide on is a credible maker behind that 4K TV, and the kind of the carry display types: OLED and OLED.

But that shouldn’t be the real deal since what happens to be the best 4K TV at the end of the day is the one that aligns best with your needs and preferences, meaning that the decision eventually comes down to your likes and tastes of TV watching.

The 4K TV today we have come up with is Samsung S90C, and what makes it the best 4K TV is that it caters to a variety of budgets and tastes of a 4K TV.

Best Samsung TV with 4K resolution: S90C

Samsung S90C specs and features

What validates its greatness is that its display type is a combo of QLED and OLED technologies, the outcome of the company’s first-ever attempt to deliver something which could look after a range of preferences.

Samsung S90C is a mid-range 4k TV that gives impressive results in low-light ambience, as bright HDR content stands out pretty well in such settings. It's available in four sizes, 55, 65, 77, and 83 inches.

Its QD-OLED display boasts brighter and more vibrant colours than that of WOLED displays that you more often see on OLED screens.

Powered by Samsung's Tizen OS, its smart interface is user-friendly and offers a great selection of streaming apps and games.

While not supporting Dolby Vision HDR and advanced DTS audio formats, it goes well with Samsung's HDR10+ format, which looks just as good as Dolby Vision.

Because of its exceptional response time, the S90C is also great for gaming. Whereas with very low input lagging, it results in a top-notch responsive gaming experience, while also bringing to the table some great gaming features, such as variable refresh rate support to minimise screen tearing.

Interestingly, it supports up to 4k @ 144Hz on all four HDMI ports, letting you benefit from the latest gaming consoles and graphics cards.

Panel typeQD-OLED
Refresh rate144Hz
Smart TVTizen
HDMI 2.14
Peak brightness
1,100 nits
Input lag9.2 ms
65-inch model price$1,600

DISCLAIMER: The price has been taken as of Nov 03, 2023, and is subject to change over time.