Best 65 inch TV for your home

Besides being a mini-cinema at home, a 65-inch TV is also an ideal screen for next-gen console gaming like PS5
An undated image displays the 65-inch model of Hisense U8K TV. — Hisense
An undated image displays the 65-inch model of Hisense U8K TV. — Hisense

Back in early years of the 2010s, a big and ideal screen for immersive TV watching was anything above 40 inches.

However, during the past few years we've stepped into an era of massive TVs and therefore the bar of an ideal screen size has also climbed up, making those 40-inch displays look tiny and 65-inch screens the ideal and ultimate hunt for everyone.

You might easily come across a pile of some great 65-inch screens but most of them are the money-no-problem models.

After narrowing down the contenders of the best-65-inch-TV bout and evaluating their costs against performances, we've come with the suggestion of the best 

Best 65-inch TV

If you too are in a quest of the best 65-inch TV, then get yourself a Hisense U8K.

Below is what it offers.

  • The U8K offers significantly better colours and contrast than its rivals of the same size and price.
  • It comes with a Mini-LED backlight. As the name suggests, these LEDs are smaller than standard LEDs, and their smaller size allows them to be grouped into more local dimming areas, which in return dims and brightens different areas of the screen simultaneously.
  • The U8K boasts a refresh rate of 120Hz to ensure better motion performance than its 60Hz models.
  • Like most TVs that we have tody, it uses quantum dots for colour enhancement while supporting both Dolby Vision and HDR10 high dynamic range formats. This TV also has Dolby Vision IQ, which automatically adjusts the picture by employing an ambient light sensor.

Key specs and features of the best 65-inch screen

Panel TypeLED 
Screen size65 inches
Resolution3,840 by 2,160
Video inputsHDMI, Composite, RF, USB
Refresh rate144Hz
HDRDolby Vision, HDR-10
Contrast Ratio2114000:1
Screen Brightness2114 nits
AMD FreeSyncFreeSync Premium Pro
HDMI ports4
Streaming ServicesYes

The price has been taken as of Nov 7, 2023, and is subject to change over time.