Best electric scooter: Savour fuel-free commuting

The weight of Emove Cruiser S 52V 1600W is around 55 pounds, most of which comes with battery
An undated image of Emove Cruiser S 52V 1600W. — Voromotors
An undated image of Emove Cruiser S 52V 1600W. — Voromotors

The craze of go-green has prevailed in all walks of life, and so is the case of automobile industries around the world.

The vehicle-manufacturing industry too seems diligently embarked on a journey to make electric vehicles and help the planet get greener.

Whether you're a commuter on his way to work, a student getting late to catch his class on time, or anyone who just wants to move from point A to B, an electric scooter is a simple and easy way to do so.

These modern e-scooters are convenient, speedy and eco-friendly. Furthermore, while running on batteries, they sometimes are cheaper, in terms of maintenance, than ordinary gas or fuel-powered scooters.

Emove Cruiser S 52V 1600W

Key features

  • The Emove Cruiser requires a key for ignition, comes with a wide deck, can carry weight up to 352 pounds, hits a max speed of 25 mph and can travel approximately 60 miles on a single charge.
  • Meanwhile, its battery takes between eight and 12 hours to get fully charged.
  • It boasts 10-inch tubeless tires and its dual suspension at the front and air-shock suspension at the rear make its rides smooth.
  • Similarly, the acceleration is smooth enough to take off with one hand, though it can be adjusted to get a more aggressive start if you prefer.
  • The scooter accompanies a single-hinge and foldable knob along with handlebars, making it convenient to carry storage.
  • Its weight is around 55 pounds, most of which comes with the battery.
  • Apart from front and rear lights, there are independent lights on the deck for additional safety.
  • Although the signals lack visibility during the day, it goes the extra mile and further features signal lights and an electric horn.
  • While $1,400 seems an exorbitant cost, what validates its costliness is the IPX6 rating, the most significant feature of its design, which also sets your fear of getting caught in the rain aside.

Specifications of Emove Cruiser S 52V 1600W

  • Top speed: 33 mph
  • Range: 62 miles
  • Weight: 56 lbs
  • Max load capacity: 352 pounds
  • Water resistance rating: IPX6
  • Supported hill climb angle: 20 degrees

DISCLAIMER: The price has been taken as of October 03, 2023, and is subject to change over time.