Best free Android TV apps for 2024

Using Android TV apps users can enjoy their favourite games and shows on big screen without additional cost
An undated image of Android TV apps. — Android
An undated image of Android TV apps. — Android

Want to take your Android TV experience to the next level? It's not a fancy new device or a pricey subscription service — it's a collection of free apps that can unlock the full potential of your streaming setup.

Here is a list of all the apps that you can download on your Android TV

Aerial Views

Aerial View is an app that replaces default screensavers with stunning 4K HDR videos, transforming your idle TV into breathtaking window views, cityscapes and more. With over 150 videos to choose from, you can enhance your Android TV experience with this free app.

Projectivity Launcher

Projectivity Launcher is a home screen alternative that offers a better and smoother experience without any launcher ads. It supports Material U theming and allows you to adjust the icon size for a simple interface.

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Moonlight is an app that lets you stream games from your PC to your Android TV without any subscription fees, offering a great gaming experience. Gamers can enjoy their favourite games on the big screen at no extra cost.

TV Overlay

TV Overlay is an app that displays helpful information on top of your content, including a clock, phone notifications, and smart home updates. It also offers customisation options and a free tier with basic functionality.


JioSphere is a web browser app that offers a user-friendly interface designed for large screens. It also includes a free built-in VPN for added security and privacy. Android TV users looking for a reliable web browsing experience can benefit from this free app.

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tvQuickActions is an app that allows you to use your remote's buttons to launch apps, switch between HDMI inputs, and control smart home devices. Android TV users looking for an easy way to control their TV experience can take advantage of this free app.


S0undTV is an app that offers a big-screen experience for Twitch fans, with features like picture-in-picture mode, VOD playback with chat, and the ability to follow favourite channels.


ADB TV is an app that simplifies app management on your Android TV, allowing you to organise, disable, and uninstall apps without needing a computer or root access.


SmartTube is a YouTube client that offers a built-in ad blocker and a remote-friendly interface, making it a great option for uninterrupted viewing. Android TV users looking for a convenient way to watch YouTube videos without ads can benefit from this free app.