Best gadgets announced at MWC 2024 day 2

Top gadgets of MWC 2024 are Humane AI Pin; OnePlus Watch 2; rSIM; ZapBox: The Vision Pro alternative; Affordable variants of TCL 50 series
An undated image displaying gadgets. — Pexels
An undated image displaying gadgets. — Pexels

In the face of the groundbreaking outset of Mobile World Congress 2024 in Barcelona, Spain two days back, the skyrocketing buzz — resonating across the realm of top-notch tech innovations — suggests that the industry is going to observe the abundance of some remarkable gadgets and technologies.

That being certain, we came across a bunch of gadgets at the concluding session of the second day of MWC 2024. Representing the utmost pinnacle of cutting-edge technologies, these gadgets, we believe they will prosper the tech evolution leading towards a better future.

Top 5 gadgets of MWC 2024

Enough of the juggling around, lets now delve into the subject and reflect on their excellence and what they might offer us. Listed below are the best gadgets revealed at the MWC 2024 day 2.

  1. The Humane AI Pin 
  2. OnePlus Watch 2
  3. rSIM
  4. ZapBox: The Vision Pro alternative
  5. Affordable variants of TCL 50 series

The Humane AI Pin 

One of the best gadgets brought up on the stage of MWC 2024 was the Humane AI Pin. Subsiding the need of having a smartphone, a camera, and some AI tool integrated in them, the sleek, compact and simple gadget needs to be pinned on user's chest. Humane AI Pin is best at serving its purpose with smart assist commands: the ability to observe all it sees with the camera installed in it, breaking down the objects, and then giving suggestions for whatever is in front of you. What more can you desire for $700 only?

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OnePlus Watch 2

The second on the list is the OnePlus Watch 2, undergoing a departure from the square design, featured in the previous generation OnePlus Watch, as this variant will be based on circular design on the front. The gadget is expected to bring a 1.43-inch AMOLED display coupled with a resolution of 466 x 466 pixels, with the display protected with IP68 dust and water protection. Listed at the price tag of $299, installed in it is a pack of frequently used connectivity options such as Bluetooth 2.4Ghz/2Ghz, Wi-Fi and GPS, alongside a heaping battery of 402 mAh that supports 10W charging.

rSIM (Resilient SIM)

Dropped networks has become more of a hassle these days, as you must have heard about the massive network disruption that cut off AT&T's services. To sort this up, MWC 2024 brought up the rSIM (resilient SIM), which automatically conducts a network testing every 60 seconds on your phone, and if it detects any issues expected, it switches the network over to another backup network. It is expected to cost you more than the traditional SIMs in the market.

ZapBox: The Vision Pro alternative

As the Apple Vision Pro comes with a high price tag, the ZapBox, revealed at the MWC 2024, provides a more budget-friendly VR experience. This compact headset is priced at $100 and serves as a housing for your phone. It includes an adjustable headset, lenses to secure your iPhone, and Bluetooth controllers. There is little delay when using it for AI, although navigating the apps can be a bit challenging. While using a phone for VR is not something efficient, the ZapBox introduces some innovative ways for app development that could set it apart.

Affordable variants of TCL 50 series

TCL has introduced its latest 50 series of smartphones, consisting of five models that will be available in the US for under $250 each. The initial release, TCL 50 XL 5G, is scheduled for Q2 2024 at Metro by T-Mobile and will be priced at $159. It boasts a 6.78-inch display, a respectable camera system, and 6GB of RAM. Another variant, the TCL 50 XL NXTPAPER 5G, will be offered at $229 and will be the first US phone to feature TCL's NXTPAPER 3.0 display. In Q3, TCL plans to launch the TCL 50 XE 5G for $149 and the TCL 50 XE NXTPAPER 5G for $199. Lastly, the budget-friendly TCL 50 LE is expected to cost around $99 which might be available later this year.