Best international phone plans in 2024

Avail the best smartphone plans at affordable rates

An undated image of T-Mobile. — Freepik
An undated image of T-Mobile. — Freepik

If you are planning to go on an international trip or vacation along with family or friends then you should have the best smartphones as your travel partner. So, you can at least contact and browse the web even when you are out of your country, there are various plans depending over your country and your requirements — like how long are you travelling, etc.

These plans would provide you the best travel-related plans which wouldn’t be even busting on your budget. So, here are a few top international phones along with its plans that would surely be the first choice for all the international travellers.

T-Mobile Go5G Plus plan

T-mobile has recently shared its best plans that provide immense benefits to all travellers. You can subscribe to unlimited data for just $90 and get Go5G Plus plan to receive multiple benefits such as 15GB data while travelling to specific countries like Canada and Mexico, enjoy Wi-Fi and SMS during any flight whenever the internet is available.

Additionally, the best thing is that you can get free data in approximately 215 countries. The initial 5GB data will be used at high-speed — only if 5G support is available — and use high-speed data in almost 11 European countries too.

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Verizon smartphones are available to use worldwide, especially the latest versions are substantially the most outstanding phones for the travellers. Also, it provides an inexpensive offering that would allow the users to take on all the travel benefits. Additionally, its plan would be the best as Verizon has promised the user to offer full international connectivity,". This would allow you to use talk and text for almost free and receive 10GB of high-speed data each month in all several countries.

Especially, if you are a frequent traveller then you should get subscribed to this Unlimited Plus $80 per month for one line and Unlimited Welcome which is for $65 per month. Verizon is probably the best one to offer a family plans mix and match lines so that an individual can receive Unlimited Ultimate however, the other users can avail the cheaper options.


AT&T has introduced multiple international pricing that is completely dependent upon the location of your trip. Multiple places such as Canada as well as Mexico are already included in several top AT&T plans. However, users can easily utilise the South American and Central American countries' plans as well. You can get subscribed to AT&T's mostexpensive Unlimited Premium plan that offers the best benefits to all the travellers in just $85.99/month.