Best iPhone health and fitness apps of 2023

These top fitness apps encompass various facets of physical and mental well-being, embracing a holistic approach to health
The image shows a health app on an iPhone. — Freepik
The image shows a health app on an iPhone. — Freepik

Fitness embodies various meanings for different people. It can signify running long distances, lifting hefty weights, maintaining a healthy physique, or nurturing mental well-being. Regardless of what fitness symbolises for you, Gad Insider has brought a comprehensive list of apps covering diverse aspects of health. 

These health and fitness apps harness the powerful technology within your iPhone, monitoring and analysing your performance to facilitate your fitness journey.

Best iPhone fitness apps

Apple Fitness

Apple's native Fitness app serves as the cornerstone of your fitness expedition, syncing exercise data from your Apple Watch while allowing compatibility with other smartwatches or fitness trackers. It tracks activity rings, estimates active calories, and logs your workouts. Furthermore, the app offers a subscription to Apple Fitness+, providing access to a diverse array of workouts led by expert trainers across 12 exercise types, including HIIT, yoga, kickboxing, and more — all for $10 a month.

ZRX: Zombies, Run + Marvel Move

Formerly known as Zombies, Run!, ZRX now collaborates with Marvel, offering captivating missions in settings like Asgard. Whether you're assisting Thor or escaping with Hulk, these themed runs enhance the app's original zombie-centric storyline, making it an exhilarating running experience for Marvel fans.

Carrot Fit

An eccentric motivator, Carrot Fit, uses an AI construct to challenge, taunt, and incentivise users to stay active. Featuring seven-minute workout sessions, it employs unconventional encouragement techniques. Priced at $5, it's an entertaining fitness partner for those who relish its unique humour.


A calorie counter and diet tracker, MyFitnessPal's extensive database simplifies food tracking with a barcode scanner, meal diaries, and a vibrant fitness community for support and advice.

Lifesum: Diet & Macro Tracker

A weight loss app synced with Withings, FitBit, and RunKeeper, Lifesum aids in monitoring calorie intake and macro breakdowns. Its recent updates enhance accessibility and offer sugar detox meal plans.

7 Cups Anxiety & Stress Chat

A mental wellness app providing 24/7 support, 7 Cups offers access to trained listeners and licensed therapists in various specialties across 189 countries and 140 languages. Premium subscriptions start at $13 per month or $95 per year.

StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log

An intensive weightlifting app, StrongLifts offers three weekly workouts focusing on major muscle groups, ideal for muscle gain and fat loss but recommended for experienced lifters.


Glo offers a spectrum of yoga classes suitable for all levels, supplemented by live sessions and personalized recommendations based on progress. While it offers a free trial, the subscription costs $30 a month.

Sleep Cycle Sleep Tracker

Placing your phone on your mattress, Sleep Cycle analyzes sleep quality and integrates with Apple Health for comprehensive sleep data, offering a wake-up function and detailed metrics.

Pzizz — Sleep, Nap, Focus

Pzizz generates varied soundtracks for sleep, naps, or focus using binaural beats, aiding relaxation and featuring customizable features for optimal user experience.


An app catering to cycling enthusiasts, Cyclemeter excels in tracking cycling metrics and integrates Apple Watch functionalities for precise data collection.