Best Minecraft seeds for 1.21 June 2024

Commonly sought-after wishes in Minecraft include easy-access strongholds for speedrunning, beautiful landscapes for building, or rare structures for looting
An undated preview of Minecraft. — Pixabay
An undated preview of Minecraft. — Pixabay

Are you an avid gamer, a Minecraft freak to be more specific, in pursuit of getting familiar with the best Minecraft seeds you can use to be more determined towards what actually you're going to build. 

Best Minecraft seeds for survival 

Regardless of your inclination towards a particular sort of accomplishments within the game, Gadinsider is here with a list compiled to assist you in the game and become the craftsman you with to be in its truest spirit in Minecraft. 

Best Minecraft 1.20 seeds

Whether you're looking for villages, Ancient Cities, cherry groves, or new 1.21 Trial Chambers, these top 40 Minecraft seeds will definitely suffice and back you up create anything. 

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Minecraft world seeds

While the definition of best seeds in Minecraft may vary player to player, seeds basically are codes that Minecraft utilises to create worlds around you. You may also call them Minecraft world seeds. 

Cool Minecraft seeds

Once have the best and cool Minecraft seeds in your possession, you can make true each of your fantasy associated with Minecraft. Commonly sought-after wishes in the game include easy-access strongholds for speedrunning, beautiful landscapes for building, or rare structures for looting. 

Since the ever-expanding nature of Minecraft seeds, we’ve skimmed through every nook and cranny of the internet to find the seeds that are the coolest and remain highly demanded. 

The following are the best Minecraft seeds for 1.21 in June 2024. 

  • Trial Chamber seed
  • Easy armor trims seed
  • Beautiful broken cove
  • Swamp Village seed
  • Skull Island seed
  • Easy Nether seed
  • Shipwreck survival seed
  • Trail Ruins at spawn
  • Snowy Taiga village seed
  • Minecraft seed for building
  • Eight Ancient Cities
  • Speedrun seed
  • Double Ancient City Cherry Grove seed
  • Scenic 1 20 seed
  • Cherry Grove seed
  • Basement igloo at spawn
  • Trails and Tales seed
  • Multiple Desert Temples
  • Double Ancient city seed
  • Ancient City at spawn
  • Desert village seed
  • Easy Diamonds seed
  • Infinite mineshaft seed
  • Beautiful Minecraft seed
  • Woodland Mansion seed
  • Witch hut seed
  • Mooshroom biome seed
  • Amazing rare island seed
  • Woodland Mansion seed
  • Lush cave seed
  • Jungle seed
  • Cool Minecraft village seed
  • All biomes near spawn
  • Multiple biomes together
  • Shattered savanna seed
  • Badlands seed
  • Overpowered loot
  • Title screen seeds
  • Minecraft title screen seed
  • Herobrine seed

Minecraft bedrock seeds

Note that the provided seeds work for Minecraft Java version 1.21, which is the latest version of the game. So before heading into the game, ensure the setup of version 1.21 in your Minecraft launcher. If set otherwise, results may be differ. To put it mildly, these seeds are to be used in Bedrock but some structures might be different.