Best minimalist wallet: Light, classy and pocket-friendly

It is made of a material that is 15 times stronger than steel
An undated image of Airo Collective Stealth Wallet. — Airocollective
An undated image of Airo Collective Stealth Wallet. — Airocollective

Minimalist wallets are made to get you rid of those standard wallets with which your pockets give a baggy and bulky look, which people have started hating these days.

As there exists a wide array of brands producing good minimalist wallets, factors such as appearance, size, style, durability and compartment formation should be considered in order to get the best out of a minimalist wallet.

With that in mind, after digging deep and evaluating all those factors, we’re going to talk about the best minimalist wallet, known as Airo Collective Stealth Wallet, which is stylish, super thin and made of polyethylene fabric, and designed to last years.

Airo Collective Stealth Wallet

Weighing only 0.14 ounces, the Airo Collective Stealth Wallet is a lightweight minimalist wallet which is specially designed to facilitate you in carrying only essential items, such as some cash, an ID card, and a credit or debit card.

If you’re seeking a sleeker, stronger, wallet that you don't feel to be in your pocket, then this should be your ultimate hunt.

Its folding design features two pocket card slots, each capable of containing up to four credit cards and a thin elastic band called a "ballistic bungee loop" that keeps your cash secure in place.

The company, Airo, says its material is 15 times stronger than steel, which validates the company’s claims of unmatched durability.

It's produced in the US and comes with a two-year warranty.

Other features 

Weight: 5g (0.14 ounce)

Dimensions: 3.8 x 3 x .5"

Price: $58


  • Super thin
  • Ultra-durable
  • Excellent design for cards and cash


  • The leather version is pricey
  • If you don’t carry cash, a cardholder is a better option