Best used cars websites for US

The most reliable platforms you should turn to if you’re willing to buy or sell a used car
Best used cars websites for US

Buying and selling used cars is something people are always suspicious of because accurate diagnostic is very unlikely, and it’s sometimes difficult to pinpoint which function of the vehicle is malfunctioning.

With that fear factor in mind, people often prefer brand-new cars. But what if we tell you about the best websites where you are connected with US-based trustworthy buyers and sellers?

If that sounds good, then Gad Insider in this article will provide you with some reliable platforms you should turn to if you’re willing to buy or sell a used car.

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Top websites for used cars

Doesn’t matter if you're a first-time buyer looking for a used car or a car enthusiast in search of a rare vintage model, these used car websites are designed to simplify your car shopping experience with detailed searchable listings, reviews, guides, and more.

  1. CarGurus
  2. Autotrader
  3. AutoTempest
  4. Cars & Bids
  5. Copart


  • CarGurus could be the best option if you’re looking for cheap cars. The website is a combination of an online car marketplace and an advanced assessment toolkit that accurately determines a vehicle’s true market value.
  • The platform provides you with advanced pricing tools and advertises your cars for free.


  • It’s one of the best websites for used cars because for the most recognised online marketplace for buying and selling cars.
  • There’s a huge pile of listings and modern tools for diagnostics that make it a considerable option to trade in pre-loved cars.


  • This website links the databases of most online car marketplaces including Craigslist, Autotrader, and CarsDirect. With a massive thread of databases encompassing it, it has become the largest online car marketplace and the best place to compare different used cars.
  • The site offers smart search pages that display targeted buyers, whereas it also has a car pricing tool to help buyers crack the best deal.

Cars & Bids

  • Cars & Bids is the best platform for online auctions of used cars from the 1980s to the date, which facilitates you with an easy listing process, car history reports, and low auction fees.
  • The listing and commission costs are very low on this platform where every vehicle comes with a history report.


  • Copart is a globally leading online auto auction platform with thousands of vehicles for sale available to buyers from all over the world.
  • Whether you are an individual looking for a used car for personal use or a businessman with the intention of reselling, here you’ll find whatever you’re seeking.
  • This platform has an inventory of over 125,000 used cars, where buyers from 150+ countries can interact with one another and deal as they please.