Best weather app for accurate forecasting, prediction

The Weather Channel app is rich with meteorological data such as temperature, wind and visibility on an hourly or daily basis
Image shows logos of different apps.— Unsplash
Image shows logos of different apps.— Unsplash

While nearly every smartphone today includes its own integrated weather application, standalone weather apps prove to be superior and more versatile tools, offering a broader range of features and functionalities.

Apart from the basic necessities, external weather software provides functionalities such as detailed predictions, severe weather alerts, and much more.

Each weather app is dictated to a unique area of expertise, some provide air quality stats, and moon cycle tracking, while others specialise in hyper-local forecasting.

But amid a never-ending queue of such weather apps available online, you may not be able to find the best one, and this is what we’re here for today.

Best weather app in 2023: The Weather Channel

Supported and available for both platforms — Android and iPhone — The Weather Channel topped the list of those we examined.

Climate change has made it more difficult to have prior knowledge of what the weather will be tomorrow, but The Weather Channel app exceptionally stands out in this regard.

Why opt for The Weather Channel

  • The free, ad-supported version of the Weather Channel app is available on Android and iOS.
  • The app is wealthy for its meteorological data such as temperature, wind and visibility on an hourly or daily basis, along with an extended 10-day forecast.
  • Interactive maps display the latest data about weather events including rainfalls and severe weather alerts.
  • The Weather Channel also facilitates you with social sharing features to upload images, tweets, videos and photos.
  • Its premium-tier subscription costs you $4.99/month which removes ads and unlocks features like 15-minute forecasts and 72-hour radar info.

Exclusive aspects of The Weather Channel

  1. Maps: It includes maps to help you access the information at a glance. For more details, you can zoom in on the maps and see the desired location.
  2. Pollen forecast: Measuring as extreme, very high, high, moderate and low, the app displays potential pollen levels in the atmosphere, which is crucial for people who are more likely to get caught by allergic reactions.
  3. Favourite routes: It enables you to save your favourite routes and places so that you can know what changes have taken place in their weather.
  4. Widgets: It lets you add it as a widget to the home screen, handing you the flexibility to see weather forecasts more easily and without actually going into the app.