Bigme phones coming soon with E Ink colour in 16 shades

Bigme is set to release four models of smartphones soon
An undated image of  Bigme E Ink Smartphone. — Bigme Official Store
An undated image of  Bigme E Ink Smartphone. — Bigme Official Store

Chinese device maker Bigme, is known for launching multiple eReaders as well as E Ink tablets for the last few years and now the company is soon to release its smartphones as well with E Ink displays possessing 4G cellular networks. It is expected to release almost four models with first-model set to come up for pre-order from the Bigme Store on May 31, 2024.

However, Bigme has not disclosed any other details till yet except the pictures, but it seems like it has launched the USB-C port, with no headphone jack available as well as a camera. Additionally, according to Bigme, the soon-to-be launched phones are likely to support North American 4G LTE network brands with Dimensity 900 processor options.

One of the most special things about these upcoming phones is that, it is likely to include E Ink display, however, it's not the first phone to add E Ink display because previously, Hisense has launched several models for the phone, so if you require the cellular abilities then Hisense phone’s can also be a good fit for you.

The Onyx BOOX Palma is a pocket-sized eReader supporting Android-based system as well as phone-shaped design. Also, E Ink is outstanding for the eReaders as well as distraction-free note-taking devices however, there are a few downsides to make it extremely difficult to use for anything else.

Users will be able to use high-contrast, low-power displays on ambient light easily and it looks better while using sunlight instead of artificial light. Another special thing about it is that it only decreases the power once the screen image changes which permits a single picture to be shown better without consuming your power.

E Ink displays support lower refresh rates than the LCD screens, but it offers 16-shades of colour displays of grey black as well as white screens. So, it possess limited colour-palette than the other colour display technologies.

Bigme’s yet-to-be launched phones are likely to run Android-based operating systems, plenty of android apps as well as games wouldn’t operate properly along with these phones because they are specified for E Ink displays.