Boat launches Airdopes 311 Pro with transparent design

Airdopes 311 Pro earbuds are now available in India on Amazon, Flipkart
An undated image of Airpods 311 Pro. — BoAT Lifestyle
An undated image of Airpods 311 Pro. — BoAT Lifestyle

Boat has recently released Airdopes 311 Pro in India with transparent design that truly captivates user’s attention because of its unique design and compelling features such as 50hrs playtime, IPX4 rating available in only INR 999.

Boat Airdopes 311 Pro specs

As mentioned, that Airdopes 311 Pro is available in unique and transparent design, that allows all the users to look into the internal features. This intriguing design appeals to all the users who prefer modern aesthetics. Apart from its design the earbuds boast 10mm drivers and have integrated Boat’s signature sound offering robust bass and great vocals.

It is substantially the best earbuds for the gamers as it is equipped with Beast Mode which activates a low latency of just 50ms, which mitigates audio delay between the screen and earbuds.

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Additionally, it also supports Insta Wake N’ Pair (IWP) technology, offering a consistent connection procedure when you turn on the charger.

Another best thing about these earbuds is that it supports voice assistants such as Siri as well as Google Assistant just with a single touch that would allow users to access news, control playback hands-free, etc. These will be your best travel partner, accompany you and wouldn’t let you get bored.

Additionally, each bud supports 45mAh while the entire case supports 600mAh battery, offering a longer battery life. Users can easily use these buds consistently for more than 1.5 hours only after 10 minutes of charging.


As mentioned earlier, these Airdopes 311 Pro earbuds are only available in India over online stores like Amazon, Flipkart, etc for just INR 999 and come in approximately four colours such as Active Black, Space Grey, Dusk Blue, and Lavender Rush.