Bug reported: Users getting logged out of Instagram and Threads

An Instagram user says on X that he thought his Instagram got hacked
Meta Threads app logo is seen in this illustration taken, July 6, 2023. — Reuters

Meta Threads app logo is seen in this illustration taken, July 6, 2023. — Reuters

Instagram and Threads users on Thursday flooded the internet with complaints, reporting that their accounts on Instagram and Threads are getting logged out automatically and frequently.

The factor at play is a bug which is prompting sudden logouts across the aforementioned Meta platforms and without any apparent reason at user's end. 

Despite Instagram accounts being logged out on their own, the refreshing breeze is that accounts are getting logged in again, as it leaves an impression of someone's account being hacked or taken over, which a lot of users reported as well. 

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Apart from sudden logouts, some users have also reported that they are unable to upload any photos and stories on Instagram.

Taking to X, formerly known as Twitter, an Instagram user wrote, “I thought my Instagram got hacked just now. I got logged out all of my accounts at the same time.”

“Anyone else having issues with logging into Instagram? Like being logged completely out without actually signing out yourself,” another user posted on X.

What's actually causing all of this is yet to be snapped by the company, as Meta has not even acknowledged the bug yet. Furthermore, there is no known solution at the moment other than logging back into Instagram and Threads apps manually.

Earlier in the month, Meta experienced a significant outage that resulted in the complete shutdown of Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and Threads for several hours. Meta later attributed the issue to a "technical problem" without providing additional specifics. A similar situation may be occurring today.