Bungie schedules Destiny 2: The Final Shape release next year

Bungie has taken this decision to improve The Final Shape in response to negative player sentiment surrounding Lightfall
The image shows an illustration of action at play in the Destiny 2. — Bungie
The image shows an illustration of action at play in the Destiny 2. — Bungie

Bungie, an American video developer company and subsidiary of Sony Interactive Entertainment, officially announced a delay for Destiny 2: The Final Shape, pushing its release date to June 4th, 2024.

Bungie's layoff setback

This setback follows recent reports of the expansion's delay, which emerged last month in the wake of Bungie's workforce reduction, in which the game developer laid off around 8pc of its staff. This layoff was prompted by a significant drop in Destiny 2 fan base.

According to The Verge, the departments affected by the layoff include community management, engineering, and social media.

In response to the negative feedback and player sentiment surrounding Lightfall, Bungie, known for creating the Halo series, has taken a deliberate approach to improve the quality of The Final Shape.

This expansion aims to put an end to Destiny's light and darkness narrative. Although Bungie has revealed little about the expansion, it hinted at players entering "the Traveler," a mysterious cosmic entity that hangs motionless in the Destiny universe, providing light to players.

“The Final Shape is the culmination of the first ten years of Destiny storytelling and, for Guardians everywhere, countless hours spent together,” the development team wrote in a blog post.

“We want to honour that journey, so we’re taking the time we need to deliver an even bigger and bolder vision, one that we hope will be remembered and treasured for years to come.”

What settles for Destiny 2: The Final Shape?

Season of the Wish, whose launch is a dawn away, tomorrow, will lead the show till The Final Shape releases next year, the blog post added.

The team further maintained that “while the majority of content and narrative for Season of the Wish will run from late November to February as originally planned, the team is adding new content available for all players to jump into until the launch of The Final Shape.”

The developer will also let out something fresh named Into the Light designed to "ready players for their Guardian's venture towards the Traveler." Moreover, Bungie is going to reveal new gameplay footage for The Final Shape expansion during the same month.