Bitcoin price today: World's largest cryptocurrency soars over $68k

Ethereum (ETH) also maintains its strong position, holding above $3,600

AI coins surge 20% as Nvidia GTC approaches: Predictions and expectations

Jensen Huang, the CEO of Nvidia, is slated to inaugurate the company's yearly GTC conference today, March 18

Bitcoin price today: World's biggest cryptocurrency surges past $72,000

Bitcoin during its last trading session was recorded at $72,649, up 4.4% following its highest reach of day to $72,739

Bitcoin price reaches historic high, followed by sudden drop

On Tuesday, bitcoin price soared to a new peak of $69,202, surpassing the previous record of $68,999.99 set in November 2021

Bitcoin price: Here's WHY world's largest cryptocurrency is reaching historic levels

Bitcoin price is on an upward trajectory, steadily closing in on its previous peak with remarkable speed