Can you reset Apple Vision Pro password if forgotten? Here's the answer

Another notable limitation is that while Vision Pro has Activation Lock, it does not have Find My capabilities
An undated image of Apple Vision Pro. — Apple
An undated image of Apple Vision Pro. — Apple

The availability of the Apple Vision Pro in the US, which was long awaited since its release last month, has been executed this week, and we've learned about the dos and donts of the class-leading mixed reality headset. 

But the gadget has begun losing attraction for one of its follies: the inability to reset the password in case the user forgets it, and so far, no way has come in sight to do so.

You can’t reset Vision Pro if you forget your password

According to sources cited by 9to5Mac, Apple Retail employees have been given early access to an Apple Configurator update that allows them to easily restore a Vision Pro using a Mac without having to send the device to an Apple repair center.

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As per Bloomberg's report, Apple is informing users that if they forget their Vision Pro password, they cannot simply reset the device's settings to remove the password. Instead, customers must send the Vision Pro back to Apple so that the company can erase the password and data.

It is important to note that this is not the Apple ID password, but the password used to unlock the device and access apps. Vision Pro typically relies on Optic ID for user authentication, but in certain situations, users may be required to enter their password, such as after a reboot.

If you forget your device password on an iPhone or iPad, you can easily connect the device to a computer and restore your settings and data. However, this will result in the loss of all your data, but the device can be set up as new. Unfortunately, Vision Pro users do not have this option.

One possible reason for this limitation is that Vision Pro does not have a data transfer port, making it difficult for users to connect it to a computer. Although Apple offers a USB-C adapter for Vision Pro, it is only intended for development purposes. In contrast, Apple Watch allows users to easily reset all data if they forget their password.

Does Vision Pro have Find My feature?

Another notable limitation is that while Vision Pro has Activation Lock, it does not have Find My capabilities. It is possible that Apple will address these limitations with future software updates.