Capital One 360: Safe, secure and free digital banking

Capital One helps you with your billings, cash receiving, deposits, and wireless money transfers
The image shows the Capital One mobile app on a mobile screen. — Capitalone
The image shows the Capital One mobile app on a mobile screen. — Capitalone

Capital One 360 is a US-based financial company headquartered in McLean, Virginia, which offers for free all the banking services a conventional bank does.

What’s Capital One 360?

The firm is a multi-service bank which offers no-fee accounts with low rates to fulfil all sorts of banking-related needs.

Primarily considered an online bank, Capital One provides credit cards, vehicle loans, business and commercial solutions, as well as acclaimed personal banking products.

It should be your ultimate option if you seek low fees and high rates associated with online banking, and want access to the services you get with a traditional bank.

Capital One 360 is widely popular for its Checking account, which is a checking account which helps you with your billings, cash receiving, deposits, and money transfers, and all of that without monthly fees and extra trips to the bank.

Key benefits of Capital One 360

  • Debit card: E-shopping and cash withdrawals are easier with its contactless debit card.
  • Mobile app: Make transactions with your friends and family Zelle (mobile app).
  • Billing: Pay your bills occasionally or set up recurring automatic payments.
  • Fee-free ATMs: Get cash from 70,000+ ATMs with your Checking account.
  • Wire transfers: Give and take big amounts safely and securely across the U.S.

Account offerings for kids, teens

  1. MONEY Teen Checking Account
  2. Kids Savings Account

MONEY Teen Checking Account

  • If you’re a parent looking for efficient banking options for your kids, you should check out the MONEY Teen Checking account.
  • Giving a free debit card, it’s a joint account that can be accessed by both, kids and parents, online and with its mobile app as well.
  • Though it’s a teen account, any kid 8 years old or older can open it. There is no monthly fee, no minimum opening deposit or minimum balance requirements at the time of opening.
  • The most significant advantage it boasts is that you can earn interest too with 0.10% APY.

Kids Savings Account

  • Another considerable option for your children is the Kids' Savings Account. This account can be opened in a parent’s name or both the parent and child’s names.
  • What sets it apart is that it automatically converts into 360 Savings after your child turns 18. Plus, you can link it with other Capital One accounts to facilitate transfers.
  • Parents and kids can both access it, however, significant banking tasks like cash transfers can only be performed by parents.
  • Allowing you to earn interest at 0.30% APY, there are no monthly fees, no minimum opening deposit requirements and no minimum balances.
  • Lastly, to help your kids learn to save, Capital One has features like automatic savings plans and financial goal setting.