CEO Tim Cook teases Apple's 'next big thing' — unveiling soon

Latest announcement from Apple CEO Tim Cook comes ahead of Apple's "Let Loose" event scheduled to be held tomorrow
An undated image of Apple CEO Tim Cook. — Apple
An undated image of Apple CEO Tim Cook. — Apple

Apple might unveil its artificial intelligence (AI) plans earlier than expected. Apple CEO Tim Cook hinted at sharing information about generative AI "soon" during a recent earnings call.

This comes ahead of Apple's "Let Loose" event scheduled for May 7, where there's a chance they might offer a glimpse of upcoming features.

Cook's comments highlighted Apple's focus on generative AI, a technology that can create realistic and creative text formats.

The CEO also emphasised that Apple's processor and neural engine advancements give them an edge in integrating AI into their devices.

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Additionally, Cook mentioned a "unwavering focus on privacy," suggesting the AI features might run on devices themselves rather than relying on the cloud.

Apple's AI ambitions have been gaining attention in recent months. They've acquired AI-focused companies and their researchers have published papers on AI models.

Reports suggest some potential AI-powered features coming this year. One such feature is an "Intelligent Search" function for Safari that could summarise webpages.

Another possibility is an AI-powered web eraser tool that can remove unwanted elements based on user preferences. These features are expected to be revealed at Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 24 where Apple will unveil iOS 18 and macOS 15.