CES 2024: Eureka’s 2-in-1 J20 robotic vacuum scolds traditional home cleaners

Eureka J20 is equipped with latest advancements in smart home-cleaning tech and 3D obstacle avoidance
The image shows a robotic vacuum. — Unsplash
The image shows a robotic vacuum. — Unsplash

Robotic vacuums have been an indispensable, smart accessory to keep our houses clean. To make their presence felt more, Eureka disclosed its J20 2-in-1 Robotic Vacuum and Floor Washer at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024.

The J20 vacuum outshines its competitors on the market for countless reasons, as it is equipped with the latest advancements in smart home-cleaning tech and 3D obstacle avoidance.

Eureka J20 cleaning functionalities

Equipped with an 8,000 PA vacuum, it sucks in and captures all loose contaminants from your floor, while dodging thick carpets that hinder its movement. While cleaning, the robot constantly scans its surroundings with an array of sensors.

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Additionally, the vacuum is equipped with Eureka's exclusive RollRenew mopping system. Employing a unique cycling belt mop and a water tank, the J20 dispenses water while in motion and collects any liquid or solid spills it faces.

It directs all debris into a sealed wastewater tank through a scraping mechanism. This innovative system guarantees that the J20 consistently utilises fresh water for mopping, preventing dirty water from spilling on the floor.

After each cleaning cycle, the J20 goes back to its All-in-One station for more than just recharging; it also empties the wastewater tank, refills the clean water tank, disposes of collected debris, cleans the mop, and loads fresh detergent.

The Eureka mobile app provides a convenient means to manage all of the J20's functions, enabling you to personalise the cleaning schedule, establish no-go zones and invisible barriers, and set limits on function and mopping power. Additionally, the J20 seamlessly integrates into your smart home setup, as it is fully compatible with both Alexa and Google Nest frameworks.