Chat GPT introduces 'Connect app feature' for paid users

Open AI announces the release of new feature to integrate Google Drive with Microsoft OneDrive
An undated image of  an individual using AI. — Freepik
An undated image of  an individual using AI. — Freepik

We are all aware of ChatGPT, so it would be great news for us that the OpenAI platform is about to introduce a new feature that will help the users combine Google Drive with Microsoft OneDrive with artificial intelligence (AI) platform. It will allow users to mitigate the stress of installing documents to their devices and upload them to AI platforms. However, it will only be available to the paid subscribers of the chatbot.

OpenAI has made an announcement about the news of this feature along with a few more alterations. Also, all of them are a part of a company’s spring update, unravelling the abilities of the GPT-4o AI model with emotive voice and computer vision. Now, ChatGPT user’s will have an option to upload Google docs, sheets, sheets, Word, Excel, etc to connect apps features.

This newly introduced feature will allow users to combine primary cloud storage service between Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive as well with the platform. However, it is still not confirmed by the company whether this feature will only be available on mobile or website apps.

If you want to find it out then follow these steps:

  • All the users will have to click the ‘Paper clip’ icon, over the left edge.
  • Now, click on ‘Menu’, a big box will appear, tap on it.
  • Now, Google and Microsoft’s cloud storage can be connected easily.

Once you follow all these steps, you can directly upload the files and the AI chatbots will process them. Additionally, a few more exceptional features related to tables and charts are about to be launched, you can easily use this feature and make edits accordingly.