ChatGPT-4.0 vs ChatGPT 4.5 best upgrades you must know

Let’s find out the new upgrades of latest version
An undated image of use of ChatGPT  in work. — Freepik
An undated image of use of ChatGPT  in work. — Freepik

Recently, OpenAI has introduced the best and most modified version of its game-changing ChatGPT AI chatbot, highlighting a few facts about GPT-4.0 like its comfort level with text, vision and voice interactions.

Let’s have a look over the most eminent upgrades over its predecessor:

ChatGPT-4o is free, accessible to all

Firstly, an outstanding upgrade is made by OpenAI which has announced that it is free for all the users now. However it was previously only accessible to pay $20 per month subscription, all the subscribers still have more benefits available. Also, the voice mode enhancements will be off for the free versions however, this feature is not available yet but they will certainly be game-changers according to tech enthusiasts.

Big improvements to voice mode queries

The recent voice mode feature is limited to just one prompt each time, but it can also respond to any kind of disruption asking for alterations on the fly to delight the users. ChatGPT-4o is also capable of lifting the drama of its voice. Essentially, it even responded to all the changes without failing to remember the major conversation that is impossible to be handled by speakers.

Improved vision capabilities

An exceptional demonstration of voice mode features has led to a more amazing presentation of vision abilities. ChatGPT-4o was capable of writing complex codes, equations, etc through a phone camera in real time to interpret it in english. It also aims to be at static pictures but it is expected that it will be possible in videos as well.

Rapid version

ChatGPT-4o is a lot faster than the other ones, and it’s even accepted by all the users that it could provide you a 500 words answer in just 15 seconds, it was able to produce a CSV in just a minute meanwhile, GPT-4 used to take long time to generate the cities that has to be utilised in the examples.

Not only this but, OpenAI has also announced a great Mac app that is recently only available in early access to plus paid users, it is overwhelmingly rolled out but, you will have to wait for sometime to receive an email along with an installation link.