Cheats and tricks: How to unlock Superblack Shader in Destiny 2

Superblack provides the user’s weapons and armour with a jet-black look without any extra colours
An undated poster of Destiny 2: Into the light. — IGN
An undated poster of Destiny 2: Into the light. — IGN

The Into the Light update for Destiny 2 has brought back Superblack, a fan-favourite shader from the first Destiny.

This shader provides the user’s weapons and armour with a jet-black look without any extra colours. Emissive materials shine white, while everything else is black, making this the ideal shader for employing numerous armour parts with mismatched colour channels.

However, like with other shaders, the user must first acquire Superblack to utilise it, which is more difficult than one might assume.

Gadinsider will show you how to achieve the Superblack shader in Destiny 2: Into the Light.

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How to unlock the Superblack Shader

The Superblack Shader is housed in a containment field within the Hall of Champions.

To open it, the user will require a Superblack Containment Key from Lord Shaxx and Arcite 99-40. Their keys are obtained after completing two distinct tasks:

  • Superblack Key Alpha (Shaxx): Obtain Rank 17 with Lord Shaxx in the Onslaught playlist.
  • Superblack Key Omega (Arcite): Complete all Brave weapon quests.

Superblack Key Alpha

Lord Shaxx's key can only be obtained by accumulating 10,000 Hype, the reputation system linked to Onslaught.

Moreover, completing Onslaught waves, bonus objectives, Shaxx's Onslaught bounty, Arcite's weekly bounty, and Brave weapon tasks will boost the user’s Hype. In our Onslaught Hype guide, we discuss the specific reputation values.

Completing Brave weapon tasks and bounties is the fastest method to boost a user’s Hype with Shaxx. Bounties are the user’s primary source of Hype reputation, and completing all of Arcite's weekly bounties will result in the highest Hype advancement.

Superblack Key Omega

Arcite's key needs the user to finish all 12 Brave Arsenal tasks. Because none of these tasks are timed, the user can do all 12 in a single play session if the user is quick. All needed quests are mentioned below.


Blast Furnace

Blast From The Past

Edge Transit


Elsie's Rifle

Stranger Danger

Falling Guillotine

Spin To Win


Patience And Forbearance


Bring Down The Hammer

Hung Jury SR4

Jury Duty

Luna's Howl

Howl At The Moon

Midnight Coup

Midnight Ride

The Mountaintop

Climbing The Mountaintop

The Recluse

Recluse Endangerment


Right Of Succession

The exact quest instructions may be found in our Into the Light weapon guide. Once the user has finished all 12 tasks, be sure to return to Arcite to get your key fragment.

Unlocking Superblack

Once the user has both keys, proceed to the Hall of Champions' confinement room. To go into the chamber, interact with the terminal close to the confinement field.

Interact with the black mass floating in the room to unlock the Superblack Shader on your account. Shaders may be applied to both weapons and armour.