Chrome for Android gets a mini makeover: Introducing minimised custom tabs

Chrome allows users to scramble between native apps and web content
An undated image showing multiple Chrome icons. — Unsplash
An undated image showing multiple Chrome icons. — Unsplash

Google Chrome unveiled a new feature for Android users on Wednesday in the shape of Minimised Custom Tabs that revolve web pages into a floating window.

The feature was purportedly noticed on mobiles running Google Chrome 122 for Android this year. It allows users to operate custom tabs on the browser. Moreover, the Minimised Custom Tabs function has been globally released for handsets running on the current version of Google Chrome.

According to Google’s official blog post, the company shared that the Minimised Custom Tabs feature on Chrome allows users to scramble between native apps and web content.

The feature looks in the shape of a downward button on the top banner beside the website name. Clicking the button rotates the tab into a floating picture-in-picture (PiP) window.

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The company stated: “This seamless integration enables multi-tasking across surfaces, enhancing the in-app web browsing experience.”

If the users want to refresh the tab to its original size, they can easily click on the floating window to maximise it. Creators who utilise Chrome Custom Tabs will glancingly experience this difference beginning with Google Chrome for Android version 124.

The users were capable of using the Minimised Custom Tabs function on Chrome for Android afterwards updating to the current version.

Whereas, Android apps have utilised the PiP feature for video playback through an overlap on other apps earlier. The company has used it to create an in-built app browsing visible.

AI function on Google Chrome

The company is purportedly testing a couple of artificial intelligence (AI) functions on the Chrome browser. A report claimed that it may produce a version of the circle-to-search function, which was unveiled with the Samsung Galaxy S24 series in January.

Taking to X (formerly Twitter), @Leopeva64 uploaded multiple posts unveiling that the firm is checking a new Google Lens UI element. According to the reports, there will be a particular Google Lens button in the toolbar on Chrome Browser.