Compute in AI not 'diminishing' soon: Kevin Scott Microsoft CTO

Kevin Scott says the pace of compute in application of AI training has been increasing exponentially and we're nowhere near the point of diminishing
An undated image showing Microsoft. — Vecteezy
An undated image showing Microsoft. — Vecteezy

The end of compute in AI is not near in sight, said Kevin Scott, Microsoft Chief Technology Officer (CTO), while addressing the attendees at the Microsoft Build 2024.

"We're riding a fundamental wave in the development of this AI platform where if you just look at compute over time, like how much GPU cycles or accelerator cycles that we're using to train the very biggest models in the world," said Kevin during the event.

He added that the pace of compute in the application of AI training "has been increasing exponentially and we're nowhere near the point of diminishing."

Microsoft Build highlights

According to Reuters, Microsoft highlighted new tools on Tuesday designed to encourage programmers to integrate AI-focused technology into Windows software as it competes with Alphabet,, and Apple to lead in the emerging field.

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At a developer conference held in Seattle a while back, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella introduced new application programming interfaces, or APIs, which simplify the process for developers to utilise AI technology provided by Microsoft.

"What stands out to me as I look back at this past year, is how you all as developers have taken all of these capabilities and are applying them, quite frankly, to change the world around us," Nadella stated during his keynote address at the Build conference.

Microsoft Build recap

At Microsoft Build 2024 that kicked off two days back, the Redmond-based tech tycoon outlined new features for its Copilot AI software, which assists with business productivity applications such as email and its Teams video and text chat product. The company had also disclosed details of its new developer tools last week.

Also targeting developers, Microsoft announced last Thursday that it would provide its cloud computing customers with a platform of AMD AI chips to compete with Nvidia, whose graphics processing units have become the gold standard for AI computing.

The platform of AMD chips developed by Microsoft utilises networking technology made by Nvidia called Infiniband to connect the processors.

OpenAI's new GPT4-o model, which operates on Microsoft's infrastructure, is 12 times cheaper for developers to use in their software than earlier versions of the technology, according to Microsoft's chief technology officer Kevin Scott.

Microsoft stock

Shares of Microsoft rose 1.2% to $430.67 on Tuesday afternoon, after reaching a record high of $432.97 earlier in the session. Microsoft's stock has now increased by 14% in 2024.