Computex 2024: Asus ROG Ally Z1 Extreme launched, available for preorder

ROG Ally Z1 Extreme retains the essence of its lineup by having AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme APU and a 7-inch 1080p 120Hz display
An undated image of ROG Ally. — Asus
An undated image of ROG Ally. — Asus

Computex 2024 is here, and we, with our very own eyes, are witnessing a plethora of high-end gadgets set to become industry leaders once they have undergone their potential launch. 

In the midst of all this has come a new Asus ROG Ally X handheld gaming device. It's an overhauled version of the base ROG Ally Asus released last year; it won't be good to call it an entirely different and distinguished product. 

Available for preorders, this top-notch gaming device will start shipping by July 22.

Asus ROG Ally X specifications

With completely similar components as that of its predecessor, it retains the essence of the Asus product lineup it belongs to by having the custom AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme APU and a 7-inch 1080p 120Hz display. 

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The most notable difference is that of a battery boost it's come with, featuring a capacity double of its predecessor, which Asus claims has the potential to be a demanded standard on gaming handhelds.

Supplementing its powerful appeal is its lightweight body despite having a doubled battery capacity, weighing just 80 grams more than its base variant at 678 grams. 

Slightly thicker chassis to accommodate the battery, rounded rear grips, adjusted face buttons, and sticks to elevate the comfort of holding the Ally X during long gaming sessions are the reasons one would prefer it over many such products common among enthusiasts. 

The Ryzen Z1 Extreme APU remains the central component of the gadget, but with an addition of 8 GB of RAM to ensure faster operations, a 24GB LPDDR5X unit instead of 16GB to reserve more capacity for the CPU and GPU, and an augmented 1TB SSD. 

On top of it, Asus has driven the switch size to the most used 2280, while making it more convenient for users to detach or attach SSDs without any hassle. Although we have considerable upgrades to the hardware section, there's no surety as to how much they will be at play during real-world performance and battery life.

Asus ROG Ally bios update

The gadget comes at a time when it's getting a software update released to the control center of its settings. To get the update, users just need to check for one and follow the step-by-step instructions to install it.