Continuity Camera for Android: Windows 11 latest update brings an Apple feature

Microsoft version of Continuity Camera feature will require for an Android to be running on Android 9 or newer
A representational image of Windows. — Unsplash/file
A representational image of Windows. — Unsplash/file

Following a recently rolled out tweaks on Windows operating system by Microsoft that introduced center-aligned and bottom-docked apps, the Redmond-based tech giant is now eyeing to come at par with macOS.

That being said, the company is reportedly borrowing from Apple one of the most astonishing features of the iPhone: Continuity Camera feature. The feature has the potential to make the device (the iPhone) serve in place of the webcams on MacBooks. 

The Continuity Camera feature, also known as "iPhone as a webcam", was originally launched by the iPhone maker company in 2022, harnessing global praises for being best at what it is supposed to do: Replacing Mac webcams.

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The purpose this feature is solely designed to make the most is the attainment of higher fidelity while having video calls. 

Since the feature is best suitable for the ecosystem of Apple devices' operating systems, the Microsoft version will necessitate for an Android to be running on Android 9 or newer, 9to5Mac reported while citing sources. 

In view of the pace at which Microsoft is adopting Apple features in its devices and services, is likely that Apple's AR reactions feature incorporated into Windows 11 by 2026. 

An official blog posted on Microsoft website says that the feature will also be accessible and usable on Android tablets. Moreover, what's setting the Microsoft version apart is that it is also capable of switching between rear and back camera, pausing the stream amid distortions, and enhance the visual appeal of the video by utilising the effects offered on your mobile mode.