Creatives fed up with Adobe and other tech giants

The generative AI boom has eroded trust between creatives and Silicon Valley
An undated image of Adobe. — The Adobe Blog
An undated image of Adobe. — The Adobe Blog

The arrival of generative artificial intelligence (AI) has eroded the trust between creatives and Silicon Valley. Adobe has been under fire once again after a dialog box appeared on user’s screens worldwide, which has informed about the terms of use that can never be appealed with, if they are interested in using Adobe’s Creative Cloud suite of tools.

Many Adobe users exploded all over the internet. One of the users posted on X (formerly Twitter): “This is completely insulting madness. Adobe is claiming the right to use client assets for copying and creating new material without paying royalties. According to Adobe, this allows them to sublicence client assets to other businesses. They outline a "reasonable" use-case without providing any restrictions.”

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But, Adobe has recently published the blog, denying that it spies on users on a categorical basis and later on, Adobe’s Chief Strategy Officer Scott Belsky has tried to do a few damage control replies to all the attacks from Adobe users.

He claimed that Adobe would never utilise user generated content for training its Firefly AI model and further adds that the most technological companies operate cloud-based software and need a language Adobe used in its updated term of services (TOS).

If users want to perform any function such as sharing work along with a preview link, edit files in cloud, and access other features, it would cost a fee.

But, he acknowledged that used language was inappropriate and Adobe would only allow you to select a few content analysis including machine learning for enhanced services.

However, the TOS is still unclear and user’s aren’t satisfied yet, the trust is already broken and creatives are now fed up with tech companies, breach of promises, and etc.