Cresselia weakness in Pokemon Go you should know of

It is important to know of Cresselia's weakness to counter it as it stands as a formidable adversary in Pokemon Go Raids
The image shows Cresselia from Pokemon Go. —
The image shows Cresselia from Pokemon Go. —

In a delightful arrival, Cresselia, the Lunar Pokémon, has graced the world of Pokémon Go with its serene presence.

For fans of the Go Battle League, the addition of this Psychic-type Legendary Pokémon to raids brings a wave of excitement, as Cresselia reigns supreme in both the Great League and Ultra League metas. And for those aiming to make a bold statement, nothing quite tops the allure of unleashing a shiny Cresselia in battle, earning imaginary style points in the process.

As with other Legendary Pokémon and its Lunar Duo companion, Darkrai, Cresselia will be obtainable in five-star raids. This entails teaming up with fellow trainers to tackle the formidable challenge of defeating Cresselia.

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Cresselia weakness: Pokemon Go

Cresselia's arrival brings with it a need to strategise, as trainers must leverage its weaknesses and counters effectively. 

With Bug, Dark, and Ghost-type attacks proving most effective against Cresselia, trainers can assemble a formidable team featuring Mega Tyranitar, Mega Gengar, or Mega Banette for optimal performance. 

Tyranitar armed with Brutal Swing leads the charge, supported by the likes of Gholdengo, Hydreigon, Giratina (Origin), Darkrai, and Chandelure. To vanquish Cresselia, a coordinated effort of three to five trainers wielding fully optimised Level 40 counters is typically required.

All about Cresselia

In lore, Cresselia is portrayed as the antithesis of its counterpart Darkrai, known for bestowing pleasant dreams upon those it encounters. Its ethereal presence, marked by the release of shimmering particles from its veil-like wings, symbolises the crescent moon.

Cresselia's home, Fullmoon Island, nestled within the Sinnoh region, stands in stark contrast to Darkrai's domain, Newmoon Island, underscoring the diametric relationship between the two legendary entities.

Trainers embarking on their journey to capture Cresselia may recall its origin in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, where it plays a pivotal role in aiding Sailor Eldritch's son, trapped in an endless nightmare. With determination and the aid of the Lunar Wing bestowed by Cresselia, trainers can heal the afflicted sailor's son and embark on the quest to capture the elusive Lunar Pokémon.

As Cresselia roams the realm of Pokémon Go, traversing various routes in pursuit of this legendary entity promises an exhilarating challenge and the opportunity to add a remarkable addition to one's Pokémon collection.