Destiny 2: The final shape perk changes revealed

The perk changes in Final Destiny aims to balance gameplay and refer to the modifications or updates
An undated image of Final Destinys Final Shape game poster. — Steam
An undated image of Final Destiny's Final Shape game poster. — Steam

Destiny 2, a popular first-person shooter game, is set to release its new DLC, The Final Shape, in June 2024. In preparation for the update, Bungie, the game's developer, has announced several perk changes that will affect gameplay. In this article, we'll break down the changes and what they mean for players.

The perk changes aim to balance gameplay and refer to the modifications or updates within the game. Some notable changes include:


  • No longer works in Rumble
  • Still works in solo activities

Archer's Gambit

  • Reduced draw time buff from 66% to 60%
  • Reduced duration from eight to four seconds
  • Can now stack up to eight seconds

Grave Robber

  • Activates on dealing damage with a powered melee
  • Activates on standard melee kills

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Chain reaction

  • Branched between Heavy and Special ammo weapons

Special weapons

  • About 15% smaller AoE size and 20% less damage
  • Same AoE as before and 30% more damage.Heavy weapons

Eddy Current

  • Takes 1.5 seconds of sprinting to activate
  • Provides bonus for handling
  • 5% scalar on each stat at the base


  • Replaced with Pulse Monitor on weapons that still had it

Osmosis and Permeability

  • No longer drop off when pulling out a Ghost or similar actions
  • Partially refill the weapon’s magazine on activation

Chill Clip

  • Branched functionality to account for the slow rate of fire weapons

High Ground

  • Reworked to provide a stacking damage bonus
  • Instantly grants maximum stacks when damaging an enemy from the high ground

Killing Tally

  • Updated to match the version found on random-rolled weapons


  • Updated to address bugs and prevent exploiting ammo generation
  • Refills from reserves instead of thin air
  • Triggers more reliably across weapon types