Discord refocuses on gaming with new redesign

Discord's shift in focus comes after a period of rapid growth and expansion
A representational image. — Discord
A representational image. — Discord

Discord, a popular communication platform, is shifting its focus back to gaming with a new design. After expanding into an all-purpose messaging app, Discord realised the need to narrow its focus to its core user base – gamers. 

The redesign features a new look and feel, making it easier for users to connect before, during, or after playing games. With 95% of its users playing games, Discord aims to enhance the gaming experience by improving group messages, voice chats, video calls, and more. 

Discord CEO Jason Citron emphasised the importance of deepening friendships around games and common interests. 

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 The company plans to make significant changes this year, including faster access to chat, improved voice and video technology, and expanded features across all devices. 

Discord's shift in focus comes after a period of rapid growth and expansion. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the platform became a messaging app for various purposes. However, with changing times and increased scrutiny from lawmakers regarding child safety, Discord is refocusing on its core audience – gamers. 

The new design and features aim to enhance the gaming experience, making it easier for users to interact and connect. Discord's new focus on gaming is a welcome change for its core user base, and the company is committed to providing a better experience for its users.