Dragon’s Dogma 2 hits 2.5 million sales milestone across PC, PS5, Xbox

Dragon’s Dogma 2 has quickly become a favourite among modders, especially on PC
The image is a Dragons Dogma 2 poster. — Dragons Dogma
The image is a Dragon's Dogma 2 poster. — Dragon's Dogma

Dragon’s Dogma 2, the much-anticipated sequel from Capcom, has hit a major sales milestone, surpassing 2.5 million units sold globally. This impressive feat, announced in an official press release on Capcom’s Japanese investor page, was achieved in less than two weeks after the game's release on March 22 for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

With these robust sales, the Dragon's Dogma franchise has now reached over 10 million units sold across all platforms. The sequel, which follows the acclaimed first game released in 2012, continues the series’ legacy of action-packed fantasy gameplay. Players delve into an expansive open world filled with swords, magic, and unique "pawn" companions capable of autonomous actions.

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The game has quickly become a favourite among modders, especially on PC. Enthusiasts have already created a range of mods including stamina enhancements, camera adjustments, ray tracing upgrades, and more. Additionally, Capcom recently rolled out a title update improving aspects like DLSS quality and addressing various bugs.

Our review of Dragon’s Dogma 2 lauded the game for its exhilarating combat, impressive visuals, and the sense of exploration it offers. Despite some criticisms related to its narrative and lack of innovation in certain areas, we found the game to be a captivating fantasy action/adventure with RPG elements. 

Players can expect around 40 hours of engaging gameplay, bolstered by the game's combat system and stunning visuals. While it may not redefine the fantasy RPG genre, Dragon’s Dogma 2 stands as a noteworthy and enjoyable continuation of its predecessor.