Dyson expands into US with new 360 Vis Nav robot vacuum

The 360 Vis Nav boasts a 360-degree vision system, equipped with a camera and eight LEDs for superior navigation and home mapping
The image shows the Dyson 360 Vis Nav. — Dyson
The image shows the Dyson 360 Vis Nav. — Dyson

Dyson, a leading name in the world of cordless vacuums, air purifiers, and hair styling tools, has maintained a somewhat understated presence in the robot vacuum market. However, this is set to change as the company launches its advanced robot vacuum, the Dyson 360 Vis Nav, in the United States and Canada.

Previously available in other regions, this high-end robot vacuum is now up for grabs at a premium price of $1,199, available directly from Dyson and through various retailers, including Amazon.

Though we haven't had the opportunity to personally test the 360 Vis Nav, insights from Dyson shed light on its unique features. Notably, it boasts a 360-degree vision system, equipped with a camera and eight LEDs for superior navigation and home mapping. Unlike traditional models, this vacuum uses a camera-based system to better understand your home's layout and detect obstacles, ensuring comprehensive cleaning coverage.

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In a departure from the norm, the Dyson 360 Vis Nav replaces the typical small sweepers with a side-edge actuator for collecting debris, promising a more thorough cleaning, especially in hard-to-reach corners and edges. This feature, along with its D-shaped design, positions it to potentially excel in areas where other robot vacuums struggle.

Another innovation is the integration of a Piezo sensor, similar to those in Dyson's stick vacuums, enabling the machine to adjust suction power and create a heatmap of the dirtiest areas in your home via the My Dyson app. This feature is particularly intriguing, offering actionable insights and allowing for targeted cleaning.

Design-wise, the Dyson 360 Vis Nav aligns with higher-end models in the market, featuring a Hyperdymium motor, a removable filter, and a unique triple-action brush bar. It's also HEPA-compliant, ensuring superior containment of microscopic particles.

Dyson's delayed entry into the US robot vacuum market seems to be a strategic choice, focusing on incorporating its successful cordless vacuum technology. While the hefty $1,199 price tag sets it apart, lacking self-emptying features, it's in line with Dyson's premium product range. The true test of the 360 Vis Nav's value will come from its performance, including its four cleaning modes, 65-minute runtime, and the functionality of the My Dyson app.