Earth Day 2024: Google Maps Australia introduces Eco-friendly features

Main aim of Google Maps is to reduce the carbon footprint by introducing new features
An undated image showcasing Google Maps. – Google
An undated image showcasing Google Maps. – Google 

On the occasion of Earth Day 2024, Google Maps Australia launched an eco-friendly feature marking a significant step towards promoting sustainability. To reduce carbon emissions and promote healthier lifestyles, this feature is designed to encourage users to opt for eco-friendly modes of transportation.

This option enables the most fuel-efficient routes for drivers on the map. The main aim of Google Maps is to reduce the carbon footprint; through the usage of AI technology, it automatically identifies routes that consume the least amount of energy. 

This feature is useful for users who are looking to minimise the environmental impact while travelling.

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In addition, Google Maps Australia is persuading people to increase the use of electric vehicles, the app provides the user with information about the routes of nearby charging stations making it easier to recharge the vehicles. This initiative aligns with the global shift towards electric mobility and contributes to the ongoing efforts to tackle climate change.

Google Maps Australia is promoting different modes of transportation such as public transport and walking. For all the users the walking paths directions are enabled, making it convenient to choose eco-friendly options for short-distance travel.

Google Maps Director Andrew Foster highlighted the importance of providing users with eco-friendly alternatives and real-time information to enhance their user experience more effectively.