Easy steps to locate a lost phone with IMEI tracker

The IMEI tracker serves as a means to identify the device
A representational image. — Canva
A representational image. — Canva

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. IMEI is a unique number assigned to each mobile phone device and can not be changed. It is crucial to write down your IMEI number as soon as possible because an IMEI tracker may be needed in case the phone is misplaced or stolen.

The IMEI tracker serves as a means to identify the device, while the SIM number identifies the subscriber account. Each phone device is linked to a unique code (IMEI) by the phone manufacturers. The device continuously sends data packages to the operator service, enabling data exchange at all times.

Guide to locate a lost phone with an IMEI tracker

  1. To track a lost or stolen phone using online IMEI tracking websites, below are the steps provided to follow:
  2. First search for "track phone using IMEI online" to find a suitable service.
  3. You can use this technology for parental control and social services, but it is essential to exercise caution and not be too intrusive.
  4. In the appropriate online form, enter the valid IMEI number.
  5. Provide the country where the mobile phone was registered.
  6. The IMEI tracker will then provide a precise update on the phone's status, indicating whether it is lost or stolen.

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