Elden Ring bosses: Top 10 bosses with endurance for high damage

Elden Ring has boss encounters that may do a lot of damage, heal up during fight
An undated image of Elden Ring. — IGN
An undated image of Elden Ring. — IGN

FromSoftware has had some very excellent boss fights in its games, and Elden Ring is the pinnacle of boss design, with a perfect blend of game elements and exciting ways to use them. 

Elden Ring has boss encounters that may do a lot of damage, heal up during the fight, or even involve two bosses fighting at the same time. However, the hardest and most enjoyable boss fights are those with the greatest HP stat, since the users have time to pace the fight according to their play style. 

Because Elden Ring is such a large game, FromSoftware has pushed the limits of their previous games in terms of how much HP some of these bosses have. 

Godfrey, First Elden Lord - 21,903 HP

It's fascinating how certain endgame monsters have fewer health than typical bosses in The Lands Between, yet Godfrey has some great damage negation that raises his health pool slightly. 

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Godfrey is the second-last boss in Elden Ring, and he merits his high HP because he was formerly an Elden Lord. 

Elden Beast - 22,127 HP

The Elden Beast, the last monster of the Elden Ring and a God that the users must battle before ascending the throne is one of the most visually stunning bosses encounters in the game. Aside from having a wonderful design, the Elden Beast packs a punch and has a lot of HP, and fighting him right after defeating Radagon makes it much more challenging.

Technically, the boss fight can be either enjoyable or frustrating depending on your luck, but there is no doubt that it is visually stunning, and you can fully appreciate it while attempting to hurt him.

Decaying Ekzykes -23,731 HP

 Decaying Ekzykes, a more powerful monster in Caelid, is a Dragon fight similar to the others you encounter throughout the game, but it is infested with Scarlet Rot and remarkably tanky.

This adversary is regarded as more difficult than most other Dragons, and because his arena is small, it is easy to become infected by its crimson rot breath, which can be quite stressful to cope with.

Moreover, he isn't a significant boss and is also optional, it's surprising that he has some of the highest HP in the game.

Great Wyrm Theodorix - 25,649 HP

Great Wyrm Theodorix, another optional enemy with higher HP than other endgame bosses, may be located in the consecrated snowfields area, which is an endgame location, therefore it deserves to have a large health pool.

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Godskin Duo - 26,350 HP

The Godskin Duo is one of the most despised boss battles in Elden Ring because the Godskin Apostle and Noble are so incompatible with one another, making it extremely difficult to locate an attack window.

Dragonlord Placidusax - 26,651 HP

Dragonlord Placidusax, a secret recollection boss of the Crumbling Farum Azula, comes from before the Lands Between and served as Elden Lord before the Golden Order existed.

Because we only see Placidusax in action with two of his heads removed, he still packs a punch, with some high damage dealing and fierce attacks that may potentially one-shot you if you're not prepared. Because he is an endgame boss, he also has endgame HP, which exceeds that of Godfrey.

Malenia, Blade Of Miquella - 33,251 HP

After hearing the name and title several times, you won't be shocked to find Malenia, Blade of Miquella on this list. Though she has less HP in her separate stages, she may recover with each attack she lands on you, continually resetting your progress if you are a lousy dodger.

Fire Giant - 42,363 HP

Fire Giant is the last of its type in Elden Ring, protecting the fire that has the potential to destroy the Erdtree, and his sheer size makes him appear to be a major danger. Something as huge as the Fire Giant has an enormous health pool that can take a long time to defeat.

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Greyoll - 87,664 HP

Greyoll is an anomaly to this list because she is not what you would anticipate from a conventional boss encounter, however, she may be considered a boss-level danger due to her huge HP. The secret to destroying Greyoll is to fight all of the tiny Dragons that surround her.

Rykard, Lord Of Blasphemy - 89,613 HP

Rykard is one of the easiest demi-god boss fights in Elden Ring, whereas, has the greatest HP of any boss. Even the finale bosses pale in comparison to Rykard, who can only be defeated realistically with the Serpent Hunter Spear.

Despite his massive HP, Rykard is defeatable if the Serpent Hunter spear assaults are timed appropriately.

Many people believe the fight against Rykard to be one of the finest gimmick bosses FromSoftware has to offer, and properly so, because everything from the Arena to the soundtrack makes the battle feel enormous.