How to use Snapchat on computer, laptop and Mac

With Snapchat’s web version, now you can keep going with your chatting even on your computer and Mac
The image displays the interface of Snapchats website. — Snapchat
The image displays the interface of Snapchat's website. — Snapchat

Allowing users to send and receive pictures and videos that automatically disappear after a short span of time, Snapchat is an instant messaging app with widespread popularity across the globe.

The pictures and videos on the app are referred to as “Snaps.”

Since its release, the app was only available for two platforms: Android and iOS.

However, now you can use Snapchat on your computer or laptop, thanks to the developers’ consideration of the demand for a web version which led to its development in July 2022.

With Snapchat’s web version, now you can keep going with your chatting even on your computer. The web version is designed to allow PC and Mac users to access their Snap stories and chats without reaching out to their smartphones.

How to use Snapchat on a PC, laptop, Mac

Follow the steps mentioned below to use Snapchat's web version.

  1. Open the web browser on your device and visit Snapchat's website.
  2. Enter your Snapchat account credentials and click the login button.
  3. Open the Snapchat app on your smartphone to verify your login attempt.
  4. Now tap the Yes button on your phone to confirm that you're accessing Snapchat from a browser.
  5. Click the Get Started button to start using Snapchat on a browser.

What's new in Snapchat's web version?

  • The key quality of Snapchat’s web version is that it offers, except for a few, the same range of features and functionalities that you get with the app.
  • Voice and video calling goes the same way as on Snapchat’s app.
  • You can reply and send reactions to specific messages.
  • It lets you see your friends’ stories and snaps they send you.
  • The web interface has a spacious chat window which allows you to keep an eye on more messages you exchange.
  • The web version of the app allows you to explore what's new in the Snapchat Newsfeed.
  • To capture the attention of broader audiences while working on your PC, there’s a Snapchat ads feature.
  • The most significant feature of this Snapchat PC version is the Augmented Reality (AR) which lets you create and design unique lenses and filters both in 2D and 3D.
  • The web version constantly remains in sync with the phone version in case you make a switch.

Downsides of Snapchat for PC, Mac

  • On the web version, uploading snaps on your story is not supported.
  • Taking selfies and snapping is not possible.