Facebook Messenger launches communities to use without Facebook group

5,000 members are allowed to join each community through shareable invites
An undated image of Facebook Messenger communities. — Meta
An undated image of Facebook Messenger communities. — Meta 

Meta is gearing up to introduce multiple new features and recently it has introduced communities on Facebook Messenger, following the release of several communities on Whatsapp back in 2022. Users would be able to connect with anybody directly on Messenger without being tied to facebook groups.

The communities launched in 2022 on Messenger, that allowed users to connect with each other only if you are linked to facebook groups.

Additionally, every community supports a Home space for admins to make any official announcement, approximately 5,000 members are allowed to join a community by inviting each other.

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Each Community can have multiple group chats on various topics. These communities were unveiled after the launch of WhatsApp’s community feature and they both feature a similar user interface.

But, the only difference between both of them is that they are connected to Facebook’s social graph to invite people to a community depending on Facebook’s profile, it's not necessary to save their phone numbers like Whatsapp.